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Yoga in Doha is a registered company in the name of Doha Yoga Training W.L.L and is associated with Patanjali Yoga Training and Research Center (PYTRC), India for the Trainers and know how. PYTRC has been in the Field of Yoga for the past 12 Years and is associated with S-Vyasa University of Bangalore (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana) and are conducting 7 courses for trainers including Post Graduations.


The beauty of Yoga is that it can be enjoyed and practiced by anyone, it doesn't matter how old you are or what shape you are in. If you desire a more limber body and mind, Yoga is surely one of the quickest ways to attain it. Yoga also increases an individual's physical coordination and promotes better posture without any harmful effects that are time and again incurred in high-impact forms of exercise. The courses are also designed for those who wish to journey into the practice of Yoga at a slower or less aggressive pace. Whether managing chronic muscle pain, renewing strength and flexibility into a previously tight or injured area or just looking to improve health the practice of Yoga is for you.


All our trainers are Post Graduates in Yoga and have over for 7 Years professional experience in Yoga and Therapeutical Yoga.

customer's reviews

  YID showed me how Yoga is both relaxing and very effective at the same time. I'm overweight but I think that with regular attendance at this centre, I can lead a healthy life, YID is already a top-class training center.  

  Techniques are effective and helped to improve my ability to deal with my lower back pain (Lumber desk disease) and the numb feeling in my left leg, satisfied with current experience and results.