Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal time to practice Yoga is early morning before breakfast. However, you can do it in the evening four hours after lunch.
No. Yoga can do for anyone regardless of age, religion, and gender. Though, expert guidance is necessary before you begin.
You can practice it wherever you want but should keep in mind that the place should be quiet, clean and ventilated. Yoga should be done in a peaceful atmosphere.
There is no stipulated duration for practicing yoga. You can do it every day for 15 minutes to 1 hr. But once you set the duration, and then never fail to keep it regularly.
In the beginning, you may not feel concentrated and gradually, you will improve and concentration can be attained.
In yoga, the poses called Asanas are doing in a rhythmic manner whereas, in exercise, you feel exhausted after a session. In yoga, you will not feel exhausted after a session.